About MomaDVD

MomaDVD is two things:

  1. a DVD rental and delivery service
  2. a community for sharing your DVDs

The concept:

Beijing is great. Except you can't rent movies.

Generally speaking, it doesn't even make sense to, since you can buy decent pirated DVDs for about 15 kuai. The problem is, if you're like us, you've probably begun accumulating a sizeable collection of DVDs that's just collecting dust in some corner of your apartment. You might watch your DVDs a second time, but probably you'll just watch them once and eventually throw them away. Maybe you don't even buy DVDs in the first place, since you shudder at the thought of such wasteful behavior.

Enter MomaDVD. MomaDVD works in cooperation with Moma's own Backyard Shop, the general store on the ground floor of building 5, to bring DVD rentals to residents of the Moma community. Did you know that they deliver food? Well now they deliver DVDs, too! Just browse through our site to see what movies are available, call the shop and have a DVD delivered right to your door, 24 hours a day, for only 5 kuai.

Our DVDs are contributed by the community. Don't let your used DVDs go to waste. Bring them down to the shop and share the love. If you register a free account, you'll be credited for the donation. Do it. It will make you feel good.

The people:

MomaDVD's cataloguing and delivery service is provided to you by the hardworking folks downstairs at the Backyard Shop, who tirelessly deliver 24 hours a day. Don't forget, when you order a DVD from them, get some popcorn, too. Maybe some beers. Or a fine bottle of Great Wall.

The website and concept are created by a small group of foreigners who like movies, Moma, and saving the planet from evil.

Send your questions, comments, or suggestions to support (at)

Getting started

To get started renting from MomaDVD, you'll need to register an account. Registration is free, all you need is an email address, and the building and number of your apartment at Moma.

Renting and returning DVDs

Renting DVDs is simple. Just browse or search through our library for a movie you want to watch. You can search by either English or Chinese title. Click on the title of the movie you wish to rent. Call the shop at the number shown, tell them the ID number of the movie you want, and give them your user ID.

You don't need to tell them the name of the movie or your apartment number, just provide the movie ID and user ID shown on the page, and your friendly delivery person will know exactly which movie to bring and where to bring it.

Once you're done with a movie, you can return it by calling the shop to place another order (either a movie, or anything else they offer) and handing it to the delivery person at your door. Or just drop the movie off at the Backyard Shop when you go out. It's on the ground floor of building 5.

We currently only allow you to rent one movie at a time, so please remember to return your old rentals when ordering another movie.

Contributing DVDs

To contribute DVDs to our library, just bring them down to the shop and, if you like, tell them your user ID. The DVD will be added into our online library, and you will be credited for the contribution. The shop is located just inside the entrance of building 5, and is open 24 hours a day.

Even if you're not interested in registering for free and renting from MomaDVD, you can still spread the good karma around by giving us your DVDs. But if you do plan on staying around Moma for the near future, we recommend registering to be credited for your donation. We plan to reward users who help build our community by providing in-demand movies, so it won't hurt to let us know who you are.

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